Jewish People Getting Online For Love

Jewish People Getting Online For Love

Jewish Online Dating

For an increasing number of Jewish people from different countries and diasporas, the road to happiness may include the information superhighway.

Tens of thousands single Jewish men and women from Israel, US, Russia and other countries are using one Web site to meet their besherts (Jewish soul mates). In fact, in 2021, about 30 couples who met at the site got married.

Noah Hoffman is one who found love and happiness on the Internet when the New York paralegal met Boris Kagan from Moscow on 'My family thought it was a bad and dangerous idea', Ms. Hoffman recalled. Within short order, however, a Jewish dating site relationship blossomed into a love affair. Boris and Noah got engaged and got chuppah (traditional Jewish wedding ceremony) on June 16, 2021 in a small ceremony in Jerusalem Synagogue.

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As Noah Hoffman learned, registering at is free and finding someone at the site can be easy.

Step 1. Register and fill out an online profile.

Step 2. Search the other profiles and find someone you like, or just hang out and perhaps someone will find out.

The personal information you give is completely private and anonymous. No one can find out your real name, your address, or your e-mail address without you telling them. All the mail you get at the site goes to a new e-mail account assigned just to you.

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You can browse through thousands of Jewish singles profiles to find someone or specify exactly what you're looking for. The 20 to 30, 31 to 40, and 41 to 50 age brackets each represent about 20 percent of the member base, the remaining 40 percent are over 50.

Members can get into chat rooms where they can hang out and meet other single Jews. Different chat rooms are set up for different ages, cultural and religious preferences. If you have a special hobby or interest, you can set up your own chat room.

The site offers advice on online Jewish online dating etiquette and practices. There's even an in-house astrologer to tell you what to start saying about your search.

The system was designed by relationship experts and psychologists, who created a formula for matchmaking that takes into consideration basic human traits and the results of years of relationship research.

Finding meaningful relationships is what online dating is all about. One recent survey found that 75 percent of nearly 12,000 US Jewish respondents said they are spending more time dating online since the last COVID-19 pandemic. People are looking to 'connect' and online dating is an increasingly popular method of doing just that.

You can read success stories, register to join or just learn more online at

This article courtesy of which combines state of the art database technology with psychological profiling - 'the new way to date' A great Jewish online community with relationship advice, in-house astrologer guides you via the stars to your soul mate and the chat rooms set up for all ages and cultural preferences. It's no wonder they boast over Jewish 30 marriages last year.